My blog is about the five best and worst of anything and everything Filipino. I would pick a topic of usual ways, tradition, habits, and favorites that are interesting enough for me and is worthy to be on my five. Hindi rin pure Filipino o English ang mga entries ko, (1) dahil my writing needs work, and (2) sometimes may mga joke o impormasyon na mas maiintindihan kapag hindi pure english o tagalog.

But this is more (the blog) about thinking in a different way when it comes to our lives, the place we live in etc… May mga topics ako na out of the box that walks around the borderline of fiction and imagination. It is difficult for me to explain but I do hope once you get the chance to read one or two of my post everything would be clear to you. I think being able to look things in a non conventional way would definitely bring another meaning and aspect to it. Lalo na sa maraming bagay na ginagawa ng pinoy, na by default eh mahirap din maintindihan.

 So I hope you enjoy ang bawat minute/oras you’ll be spending here, I don’t do this for any monetary purposes (yet…hopefully someday), but merely in a way to get my mind off things. If you like what you are seeing please don’t forget to like and or share this site to your friends and love ones.  Talk to you guys soon!

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog… you also have a nice, interesting blog here… keep it up.. looking forward to your witty posts. 🙂

    1. wow I don’t really know if you’d understand my posts since they are not entirely written in English. It is a pleasure to present my blog to someone like you… I need help with my writing, but I know I am up to something, I just know it… But thanks again.. Cheers!

      1. Thanks a bunch! I hope to write as good as you in the future, maybe ill get more readers/followers in that way

    1. What??? Me? You are so sweet! Thanks… Given thhe fact that my blog is horribly written, and not to be anywhere near this award. I thank you many times for this!

      1. What do you mean horribly written? Everytime I read your post I laugh real hard . You deservr this sir. Looking forward to your post about the liebster award! 👍

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