BEAT MY FIVE: Public School

Have you had an easy or spoiled primary and secondary years? What I meant by that is you have spent your early school year in a private and or prestigious school?

Because me,  I surely didn’t. It is actually a better route if you’d ask me. Although probably not on the academic part, but most definitely on the socialization side of things. You may need a good up to great kind of character to survive, and filter what is good and not; and also seeing the values of the experience.

But to filter means the realization of seeing and experiencing both the good and the bad. Especially when you are just either going or passing puberty. So this what I would like to discuss, and for sure only the minority sees and feels/felt the same way. Some instances that when you look back onto these days, and ask yourself why?

Getting confuse? Scroll below and and let me educate you for a few.


  1. The earliest corruption – Maraming nakakalam pero I think no one is doing anything to fix it. Have you noticed nung bata ka pa o kahit ngayong present? Kapag kaylangan ng mag enroll ng isang student on a public school, then sasabihin ng Nanay/Guardian, “Aammm… kay Ma’am eklabu po to!” “Sya naraw po bahala…” Ito ang natatandaan ko at sigurado kong nangyayare parin kahit ngayon. Kahit gaano ka simple mo pang tignan, at sabihin na favor lang ito sa isang kakilalang teacher, o kamag anak na teacher, na i taas ang section, o i pasok sa school, ng hindi na dumadaan sa process? is still a form of corruption.

    Of course if you are yung studyante you probably don’t know what their doing, and or you just don’t care. Probably you don’t have a choice but just to follow, because during this point, you really don’t have any say on anything. Pero ito talaga ang isa sa tumatak sa akin, at palagi ko nalang napapansin kapag malapit na ang pasukan at kaylangan ng mag enroll ng mga bata sa isang public school. I mean sigurado gusto lang ng mga magulang makapasok sa maayos na school ang mga anak nila. Lalo na kung sa public school. There is not a lot of good and descent public schools out there. I understand that, BUT whatever the reason maybe, how high your intention might be, you can never deny and tell me that I am on the incorrect side when I say that; this is the earliest type of corruption.

  2. Poverty – I meant this in a good way. Have you heard this line? This is why you were chosen. “Because a strong man, who has known power all his life, will lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion.” Napatayo ako nito ng marinig ko tong sinabi ni, Dr. Abraham Erskine, kay Steve Rogers…
    Captain America,,, heheh I know that it didn’t came from the bible, or said by a famous guy. but nevertheless the message is outstanding and very true.Para sa akin, yung ma experience mo lang or kahit makita mo lang sa paligid mo ung paghihirap, at kahirapan ng bawat tao, at bagay while you’re on your elementary or Highschool days, will boost your character all through out hanggang sa tumanda ka. It puts pressure on you, but it also makes you comfortable that you’ll survive kahit ano pang kaharapin mo in the future. Those who gone through thi

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