Beat My Five: What we are and What we are not

Foreigners and people of our own think that we know what we all are, and what we are not. Proudly parade these things around our tourist spots and all over media. Some people say that we are this and we are that.. Not thinking that most of the time we are the opposite. Kahilo no? hehe.. But have you ever heard on TV that we are warm hospitable people? Or we are one of the most adaptable people in the world? That anyone can throw us to any part of the planet and we would survive very fast? But of course I am not going to state or present the most obvious characteristics that we have. Otherwise this will be just another entry that you would care less about. (well I don’t think anyone would care but just not to be so mainstream bibigyan ko kayo ng hindi masyadong sikat)

SO for this week’s entry;

BEAT MY FIVE: What we are and What we are not


  1. Singers – Most people here in this country (Philippines) says that we are naturally born singers. That this is our thing. I think that is not totally accurate and down right incorrect. If I would be the one to put it, I would say that we LOVE SINGING at ang pagiging magaling is a different topic all together. And come to think of it, halos sa lahat naman ng bansa maraming mga tao ang may hilig sa pag kanta. Yes I know that we have world beaters when it comes to singing, but I don’t think we can separate ourselves sa pamamagitan nito. Being good at something is different than merely loving it. It doesnt really go together every time. Lalo na when it comes to us singing. We love going to places na may Karaoke set, but only a few people, or at least not all of us can really sing. Part of being jolly is singing most of the time. and I think that the idea stops right there.. at least for us..We LOVE SINGING but not all of us can do it. So please let us not get so hyped about it and use our passion and love to get better. Who knows baka in the future ma encapsulate na tayo as the country na MARUNONG kumanta. (being great at something is god given and can’t be learn) (that is my next blog entry BTW) Pero ngayon mahilig lang tayo kumanta..
  2. Great English Speaking Country – Just like singing isa rin ito sa mga misconception  ng mga pinoy and other countries. You can argue that the boom of contact centers here in the Philippines make this assumption incorrect. But as a part of this industry mula sa administration side hanggang being sa floor and taking calls night in and night out. I got to a conclusion that we are being considered by foreign companies because (1) we are much cheaper and (2) we have a neutral/workable accent. YES. Isipin nyo, India and other Asian countries has great English speaking people. Mas malalalim pa nga minsan ang construction nila ng kanilang mga sentences and they are equally better in speaking and writing pag dating sa English language. Pero they cant wash off that thick accent that presents who they are and where they reside. There lies the difficulty sa pag instruct, pagbenta and or to help customers in the western countries. Not to mention the rate of being discriminated is higher when you have that “3rd world accent.”Most of the employees and or bosses that I came across in this industry can’t even pull off a great conversation in English. Kagaya ko.. Kaya nga “taglish” tong blog ko eh so I can get away with my mistakes sa pag susulat. Again loving something is different that really being good at it.
  3. “Techy” – Now this part is kinda tricky. Kasi diko masabi na techy nga ba tayo or hindi eh. One can argue na our adaptability and cleverness makes us better  user of any technology. I think in every Filipino family that there would be one, two sometimes all of them can open a broken gadget and fix it. From jailbreaking to out right fixing any and all electronic devices we are very much able too. Parang sasakyan lang na alam natin kung ano ang problema the second it breaks down. Especially two decades ago when electronics are not yet being taken advantage and utilize to its full extent, we would create two to three or five phone lines. At hanggang ngayon ang very popular and innovative way to disrespect the government and Meralco.. Is the famous “jumper” ilang bahay na ang nakinabang dito hehe…But sa kabilang dulo, when you ask around, lalo na ang mga kabataan questions like.. Anong mas maganda APPLE or SAMSUNG? They would go on with their soliloquies and tell you why and what they consider when it comes to gadgets. Pero actually ang alam lang nila mag download ng apps at mag laro ng clash of clans. It is arguable that most of us now can’t and doesn’t know how to fully use our gadgets to its full extent. Hindi natin alam na ang iisang telepono can control most all if not every electronic appliances inside a house. So I don’t know, para sa akin toss up ito.What do you think? 
  4. Culture loving people – I cant still encapsulate this country as a nation who is really proud of our culture. Kung nagtataka ka kung paano ko nasabi to, then just go to any supermarket and check out the whitening products that populates most a corner of a store. Isa lang yun sa tonetoneladang rason kung bakit diko totally masasabi na mahal nga natin ang culture natin.Pero there are real improvements on it especially pag dating sa arts and dancing. For those people who knows me better, as early as 13 years old nagsasayaw nako ng folk dance and I am almost always around people who love the Philippine culture mapa sayaw, soft arts, music etc.. I can somehow say that in the past decade there is an increase on Philippine culture or at least a mere curiosity on knowing our history and or past. And this is a great thing! Dahil nowadays it is no longer the western world that rules our lifestyle. Other Asian countries affects us greatly now, lalo na ang mga kabataan. At kahit papaano nakakatuwa lang din na kahit super slight  lang ang paglago ng sining nf Pilipinas, it is still alive and growing.When everyone is bored to tears when watching a real/legitimate dance troupe or musicians, or historians performs (or do what they do best),. It warms my heart and it makes me happy in a very unexplained way.
  5. Bank Accounts are for rich people – I am actually surprised when I found out that even in today’s society, and how easy and cheap to open up an account.. And also how most Pinoys are eager to jump from the employee quadrant to the Small Business and or to Investment now, there is still no improvement whatsoever. For as low as 500 Pesos anyone can open an account without/almost no maintaining balance. Banks now in the Philippines and around the world has what they call “wallet” cards or accounts that encourage Filipinos to put their moneys in the bank.  According on a study that was done by BSP Banko Central ng Pilipinas that 8 out of 10 families in the country doesn’t have any bank account.Philippine Inquirer article: na until now most of the workforce lives on a paycheck to paycheck life. Siguro nga combination ito ng kahirapan ng ekonomiya ng bansa at ang maling mind set ng Pinoy sa kung paano nila gastusin at paikutin ang pera nila. Para sa akin sa tingin ko, dahil wala tayong masyadong pera mas gusto natin nakikita ang pera natin either by buying technologies or material things, or by just holding cash sa mga kamay natin o sa bahay natin. We are still afraid more than anything to learn how to save and put our money in the bank because we still don’t have so much and or we want to live NOW and worry about the future later.

4 thoughts on “Beat My Five: What we are and What we are not

      1. Hindi rin sir, mas enjoy magbasa sa blog nyo kasi yung simpleng joke kung iisipin totoo naman tlga. Lakas ng sense of humor👍 BobOng lang ang peg 😁😁

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