Liebster Award

So there are a few weird things that are happening to me. Actually three… One is that I’ve been reading, listening, and researching anything about economics. Second is that Lady Gaga’s You and I, is on loop whenever I write my blog entry. Not a fan, don’t even know any other song of her aside from this but it motivates me to write new stuff.  Third, is that parami ng parami ang mga kaibigan ko na medical doctor, I don’t know why. Pero I kinda like it. Makes me look smart, which something that is very difficult to do.

Pero speaking of weird, this is a first, in this blog. Ni hindi nga ako sumasagot ng mga slam note ng mga stupidents kong friends nung school days ko. Unless maganda yung nag papasagot, o sya yung di masyadong kagandahang friend nung crush ko na maganda. At alam kong mapaparating nya yung message ko sa friend nyang head and shoulders na mas maganda sa kanya, na crush ko. A recent follower mine (that I admire and follow too) nominated me for the Liebster award and has questions for me to answer. First of all I don’t really know if I am worthy of this nomination since my wordpress account doesn’t really bring any justice to what a blog needs to feel and look like. Pero thank you so much Mayu!

If you already liking what you are seeing here, then don’t hesitate to click the link to Mayu’s Blog too! I know you’ll be delighted as well sa blog nya. Oo nga pala, I appreciate the kindness na you sent my way Mayu! And here you go! It’s like three months ago nung huli akong nag post, at sana mapatawad mo ako, kasi di ko talaga mahanapan ng oras ang pagsusulat.

So for those people that I will nominate, here are the rules (random order) na inaccomplish ko.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with the link to his/her blog.
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 5-11 blogger with under 500 followers.
  4. List 11 facts about yourself.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees.

My Answers to Mayu’s Questions:

  1. Favorite movie? – Imitation game sa ngayon ang pinaka favourite ko. Mahilig ako sa mga pelikula (o libro) that has history, and has that documentary feel to it. Ok din sa akin yung mga biography types of movies… And itong palabas na to has a bit of everything that I like about a movie.
  2. Part of your body that you hate most why? – My jaw line, charot! Kahit katiting wala ako nun. Ni hindi ko alam ang ibig sabihin ng jaw line pati narin nang baba. Pero honestly it is my forehead… Why? I feel like I don’t have any chin and given na isang trait yun ng pagiging pinoy. But a big forehead makes it worst! (Or at least highlights it). It is more pamana sa akin ng nanay ko at hindi ng lahing Filipino. So, thanks mom! =D
  3. Rock or Acoustic? – Acoustic! I was born sa isang pamilya na dilang old, but generally old school in their ways. So I never had that much exposure to Rock music and its culture. I didn’t even follow mga OPM rock bands kahit noon pa.
  4. Are you a traveler or a foodie? – I love eating. I am not picky too. to what it is I eat, o kung saan basta hindi sobrang dumi ok lang sa akin. Pero it is not I don’t like traveling, it is just kung mag ttravel ako, gusto ko sobrang napaghandaan. Hindi ko kino-consider ang weekend getaway as traveling. Complicated diba? That is why I just end up eating and doing other things than traveling.
  5. Your talent? –  I can sing kahit pa wala akong formal lesson (inherited). Pero I was told na iiwan lang ako at nang kakambal ko ng nanay ko sa coffee table, at mag papatugtog ng Micheal Jackson music ang mga kuya at parents namin. At sasayaw lang kami hanggang sa mapagod. Since 13 years of age, I represented every school I was a student in, as a cultural dancer. I performed alongside and against great dancers. 30 minute dance concert, to 2 hour and a half full show almost every day. From a simple Manila hotel performance to CCP shows and Apec Summits. I thought na tatanda at mamamatay nako na mananayaw. So, to answer kung ano ang talent ko, mananayaw talaga ako through and through.
  6. Your best accomplishment in life so far? I probably say being able to survive at makapag trabaho sa ibang bansa. Iba rin kasi ang experience na yun kahit sabihin pa ng iba na nasanay na sila na ma muhay ng mag isa. Katulad ko, sanay din naman ako gumawa ng mga bagay ng mag isa. Pero it is very different if you are miles away.
  7. The happiest day of your life? – Definitely when I graduated. Not only because the school is done and I had the freedom to do whatever I want, but the struggles of being a student with almost no money araw araw ay nakakapagod din naman.
  8. Craziest thing you’ve ever done? – It is probably yung panahon na limang piso lang ang pera ko pero naka sama parin ako sa isang show sa isang malayong province. At nakabalik pa ng may pera. Sobrang crazy that I don’t know kung paano ko nagawa yun, pero hindi makakaila ang pagmamahal ko sa sining ng pagsasayaw. Pero see, napakahirap sagutin ng mga simpleng tanong na ito. Because my life is really crazy. At one point when I was taking Nursing in a University, I am dancing and representing that school’s Dance troupe. While I am a member and also super active of my high school team and a CCP affiliated dance troupe that goes on tours here in the Philippines all year long. So I really don’t know. I can just pick any day at pwede rin yun maging sagot dito sa tanong na ito.
  9. Number of kids you want to have? –  I’d probably go with two. I don’t want to over spoil any kid by just having him/her alone. Pero alam ko din ang hirap ng buhay kaya di ko rin gusto ng madami.
  10. How did you found wordpress? – Even before 2013, when I first made the Beat My Five account here in wordpress, I regularly write articles of any kinds anywhere and everywhere online. But three years ago, I decided to do more writing during my free time and have a consistent theme to my posts. And with that I have to create a real blog account. I typed in the word blog on google, and aside from, wordpress appeared. At ayun kahit ngayon ganito padin ako magsulat hehe.
  11. Why did you start writing? – Primarily because I have so many questions in my head that needs answer. I also feel like I absorb things around me more efficiently and a bit faster than regular or most people… To an extent that I am focused on weird things moving behind that specific event or the subject itself. Kapag nakakakita ka ng mga santo na pinagpapasahan sa daan, tapos yung mga taong yun ay halos tibagin na ang mga bahay nila dahil naniniwala din sila sa feungsui… I just can’t help but to share my feelings o at least mapakawalan man lang ang mga ito online.


  1. Loner: Yup, kaya kong tumagal ng isang lingo ng nasa bahay lang at mag libang lang ng sarili ko. Although this wasn’t me before. Dahil simula ng bata palang ako wala nakong inatupag kundi sumayaw ng sumayaw that’s why I never really had the chance to learn how to socialize. Ang result, ayun Id rather be alone most of the time.
  2. Workaholic: I think to a fault na naapektuhan din ang performance ko pa minsan minsan. Most of the times napagsasabihan nako dahil nag tatrabaho nako ng nine hours straight. Yup walang 15 minute breaks, at lunch? Ano yun?
  3. Folk Dancer: If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you would know na ito ang naging buhay ko simula ng 13 years old ako hanggang 8 years ago when I decided to stop. (explains the picture btw)
  4. Twins: Yup, may kakambal ako. It is very arguable though that I look head and shoulders better than my double ganger hehe… but we are in many other ways alike.
  5. I am not a traveler: Nope, I can’t stand the preparation, the ride… …the thought that this is just for a few hours or days, and we have to put the same effort again to go home. Maybe my previous experiences were not that good that led me to not like traveling. Or probably I haven’t really travelled in class. Or maybe both! So just get me something nice ok? Or treat me to a restaurant inside a nice looking mall. I’ll be so happy already!
  6. I don’t watch any soap operas: And if you want to enjoy them, then don’t ever make that mistake watching it with me. I will just make jokes on everything that I see and you’ll hate me and that show after.
  7. I love rainy, droopy, and or gloomy weather: For me everything is easy to accomplish when it is a bit cooler. Nothing beats the sound of rainfall on our roof too.
  8. I love coffee: I’d rather have a hot coffee kahit sa tanghalian o sa scorching afternoon than your soda sa tindahan. I think people of sciences and health call that ADDICTION. =D
  9. If I would play games.., yeah like video games? I’d rather play from my laptop. Graphics is always better and you can just play on your own without bothering other’s TV time, or using too much electronics. I HATE ONLINE GAMES by the way.
  10. I am a side sleeper and it has to be cold and pitch-black: Even then I would still wear some sort of blinders and or a pillow over my head.
  11. I can go a day with just one meal, but I can’t sleep less than 7 hours in a day: I am that person too that has to count my sleep hours so I can plan for it and or around it.

Questions to My Nominees:

  1. Anong magandang bagong Tapsilog combination na pwedeng mabenta?
  2. Anong sports ang tingin mo hindi naman talaga sports?
  3. Do you take a final look before flushing you poo?
  4. If you have x-ray vision, paano kapag pumikit ka? Nakakakita ka padin ba?
  5. What technology is long overdue, (o dapat mas effective na) at dapat eh super mura na at nagagamit natin parang wifi, Stem cell o mga sliming o lipo suction?
  6. Ilang tao ang kakilala mo na nakasimangot habang kumukuha ng ulam dahil nakaharang yung serving spoon?
  7. Kung papasayawin ka ng mga teachers mo, ano ang mas pipiliin mo, Folk Dance, o Interpretative dance?
  8. If you would look at your music library, anong music/artist ang hindi mo isshare sa iba (sa kahihiyan) na pinapakingan mo?
  9. Ilan sa mga lesbian na kakilala mo ang may Vest?
  10. Ilang payong na ang nawala mo?
  11. Game of Thrones?

Here are my nominees! I am not really sure if the following people have more or less than 500 followers but Ive read some of their posts and they are much better writer/blogger than I’ll ever be.

  1. Panomagblog
  2. Chasingpotatoes
  3. Sachified
  4. Scrollupanddown16
  5. Mavictoriamelanie

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