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Just to make things here a bit easier, (and because I can’t seem to figure out how to create this thing mismo dito sa WordPress) here is a list of my posts at ang maliit na detalye tungkol sa sa mga ito. Ctrl + Click nyo lang (or copy paste will do too) ang mga link. Will update this from time to time, but if you just want to browse just click the Beat My Five on the main menu. I’ll talk to you guys soon!


30) Titas Of Manila –
I am sure narinig mo na ang bansag na ito, so many articles, at libro ang gumawa ng description kung paano ba talaga makikilala ang tunay na member ng samahan na ito. Mine is a bit different, mas positive.

1. Age is important but not a requirement
2. Look The Part
3. You got to have some coin
4. Hobbies are important
5. Connections


29. Liebster –
A recent follower mine (that I admire and follow too) nominated me for the Liebster award and has questions for me to answer. First of all I don’t really know if I am worthy of this nomination since my wordpress account doesn’t really bring any justice to what a blog needs to feel and look like. Pero thank you so much Mayu!



28. Mahilig Sa –
Yes nagsasalita tayo sa harap ng electric fan, and yes pinaglalaruan din natin ang namumuong yelo sa Ref. But for me these five things I think, we Filipinos generally like to do.

1. Turning into Noah
2. Tutong
4. Potted Gardens
5. Chucirya

27. Ideas That Must Die (Pinoy Version) –
Like things we leave behind, consciously or unconsciously, we have things that we should just kill.

1. Touch Thermometer Syndrome
2. Until You Become A Parent You Would Never Understand
3. Tuli Growth Hormone
4. Left brain vs. Right brain


26. Eight Year Changes
Its true, you do change every 8 years, either sa physical attributes, emotion, the way you look etc. Let me explain further kung paano at kung ano ano ang nagbago. I’ll give you five sa mga eight year changes ng buhay mo…
1. 8 yrs old
2. 16 yrs old
3. 24 yrs old
4. 32 yrs old
5. 40 yrs old


25. Fun Facts –
Well some of the following may not be as “fun” as you think, pero sigurado ko sayo makak relate ka. Click the link!

1. Convicted Officials
2. Ninong/Ninang Concept
3. Commute Vs. Driving
4. Assignment: Bunot at Floor Wax
5. Aero Chismisan


24. What We Are and What We Are Not –
Foreigners and people of our own think that we know what we all are, and what we are not. Proudly parade these things around our tourist spots and all over media. Some people say that we are this and we are that.. Not thinking that most of the time we are the opposite. Kahilo no?
1. Singers
2. Great English Speaking Country
3. Techie
4. Culture Loving People
5. Bank Accounts Are For Rich People


23. Machismo Pinoy –
…Just see for yourselves and read these five criteria that identifies or explain our FILIPINO MACHISMO men.
1. Year of Birth
2. The reason why
3. Manifestations
4. Priorities
5. Religion


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